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to Lompoc AYSO and the 2014 season. This web site is our main communication vehicle to players, coaches, and parents. We'll do our best to keep it up-to-date and informative. Our mission statement and contact information is provided under the Region 77 Button above.
Lompoc AYSO is a volunteer organization
Donations are greatly appreciated, to help lower the cost for our young players to participate.
Lompoc AYSO All Star Team Fundraiser January 2015
Update: U14 Girls took 1st place in Area, will now play in the District 10 playoffs on February 21st and 22nd.

Austin Eckersley End of the Season Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the AE Tournament winners!!  These teams will represent Lompoc Region 77 in the upcoming Area Tournament in Santa Ynez or 5 Cities.

  • U10 BOYS: (2 winners)
    • Coach Eddie Bolvito, Team “United”
    • Coach Armando Gaona, Team “Brazil Lightning”
  • U10 GIRLS: (2 winners)
    • Coach Billy Huitz, Team “ Wolfgirls”
    • Coach Jason Drew, Team “Red Hot Chili Peppers”
  • U12 BOYS:
    • Coach Mike Prendez, Team “Arsenal”
  • U12 GIRLS:
    • Coach Armando Pulido, Team “American Outlaws”
  • U14 BOYS:
    • Coach Carlos Pacheco, Team “ Juventus”
  • U14 GIRLS:
    • Coach Luis Hilario, Team “Dynamite”

Area Tournament
U10 Girls & all U12’s will be in Santa Ynez, December 6th & 7th
U10 Boys & all U14’s will be in 5 Cities, December 13th & 14th

Excellent Training Resources!!
AYSO Parent Orientation Video
Lesson every sports parent must know

Should there be goalkeepers in U8?
See what the AYSO National Coach thinks about this topic and others that are asked by coaches throughout AYSO.

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Tournament Results for Lompoc All-Star and Select Teams

Team Coach Nipomo Lompoc 5 Cities

Paso Robles

Santa Ynez SLO Area Q Playoffs Section 10 Playoffs State

All Star

U10 Boys Eddie Bolvito   3rd 1st   3rd        
U10 Girls Armando Pulido 2nd 3rd 3rd   2nd        
U12 Boys Edgardo Datuin 2nd   2nd 2nd
U12 Girls Anthony Nunez   3rd     3rd        
U14 Boys Carlos Pacheco 1st 3rd 1st 1st 2nd
U14 Girls Danno Jacobson 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st      


U10 Boys Dan McGahey   2nd   2nd 1st 1st      
U10 Girls Frank Cobian   3rd 4th     2nd      
U12 Boys Ernesto Ochoa     2nd 4th          
U12 Girls Cornelia Garcia   2nd   2nd 4th        

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Last modified: Friday February 13, 2015