It is your responsibility to make sure you check/sign in with the appropriate point validators with the Age Division and Coach's name (last and first) to get full volunteer points. 

Point Validators are:

Coach's Certification Stephanie Reyes
Referees                        Mark McManus
Concession Stand                       Stacey Alvarez
Set-up / Take Down Ben Reyes or Ernesto Ochoa, at the Field

Food Booth Points
You can get your team signed up to work at our concession stand by checking in with the food booth director Stacy Alvarez @ the concession stand if you can not get a hold of your Division director!

  • Points will be posted each week after the games.

  • In order to get credit for "field set up" or "take down" - you must check in and sign up on the sheet with our Field and Equipment Managers Ben and/or Stephanie Reyes.

  • If you have not designated which team you would like your referee points to go to - please contact Joaquin Paz. 









Tournament Results for Lompoc All-Star and Select Teams

Team Coach Nipomo Lompoc 5 Cities

Paso Robles

Santa Ynez SLO Area Q Playoffs Section 10 Playoffs State

All Star

U10 Boys Eddie Bolvito   3rd 1st            
U10 Girls Armando Pulido 2nd 3rd 3rd            
U12 Boys Edgardo Datuin 2nd 2nd 2nd
U12 Girls Anthony Nunez   3rd              
U14 Boys Carlos Pacheco 1st 3rd 1st
U14 Girls Danno Jacobson 1st 2nd 1st 1st          


U10 Boys Dan McGahey   2nd   2nd          
U10 Girls Frank Cobian   3rd 4th            
U12 Boys Ernesto Ochoa       4th          
U12 Girls Cornelia Garcia   2nd   2nd          

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